third open letter to our dealers

by dealers, for dealers

From the very outset, the success of dealers has been the driving force behind Creating a fresh, used car aggregation service that is different to anything else out there and offers dealers a better way to market their used cars online. MotoNovo Finance is simply the facilitator, developing the technology and promotional processes that then provide the tools and strategy to help dealers stand up and deliver a fairer consumer car buying experience.

The central pillars of

Three central ‘pillars’ have built upon a foundation that serves the best interest of dealers. This is a platform developed in collaboration with dealers from across the industry and supported by the very best in e-commerce technology. These ‘pillars’ are:

  1. Harnessing the power of dealers to effect positive change in used car sales and finance
  2. Acknowledging the success of is only limited by the willingness of dealers to support it
  3. Providing transparency and fairness for dealers and consumers
Our over-arching principle...

feel good car buying and selling will benefit both dealers and customers

Our approach has been directed by the shortfalls of other aggregation services, which in our view, have placed their needs ahead of those of their dealers and car buying customers.

We also want to give dealers a genuine alternative to other aggregators that continue to develop in their own best interest, rather than for dealers whose stock forms the basis of their business model. All of the below are subsequently eroding the profit opportunity for dealers, some of these pitfalls include:

  • The ever increasing cost of advertising that has inevitably been passed onto the consumer
  • The promotion of services that compete directly with dealers (including finance)
  • The confusion caused to consumers by profit based tools such as sponsored adverts
  • The disruption with the car sales model through valuation tools

In creating this fresh new alternative and supporting it with considerable investment at the expense of MotoNovo Finance, we are encouraging dealers to collaborate with us to effect positive change. To make a success we need the support of dealers – collaborating for sustainable growth together – you bring the stock, we bring the customers.

Now is the time for dealers to ‘collaborate & take control’ and in doing so secure a brighter and more prosperous future. is the fresh choice designed by dealers, for dealers.

join us and help create your own better future

For more information and to become part of the dealer-driven future, visit today or call us on 0844 770 4424. We look forward to working alongside you.

Best Wishes

Mark Standish
Group CEO

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