What’s changing?

At MotoNovo we will always keep you up to date on any changes you will see to our systems, platforms and processes.

As you know the new data protection law, GDPR, came into effect on 25 May 2018. As a data controller for the management of leads within this system your dealership will have responsibility under GDPR to ensure users of this have had the necessary GDPR training.

During the week prior to GDPR we released new functionality into this system. This will ask you to confirm that you have had the necessary GDPR training, and you will not be able to use this system until you confirm that this has happened.

In addition, a number of other new features will be launched, including:

  • New reports for your finance application and CarFinanceChecker leads.
  • Visual reminders of GDPR best practices and your responsibilities as a data controller.
  • Data processing notices for lenders will appear in applications that you will need to show to your customer.
  • The ability to delete a customer record, so you can action a customer’s right to be forgotten.
  • Removal of the email tracking ability in the Self Serviced Deals feature.
  • Removal of the Partial Applications report.
If you have any questions regarding GDPR within your dealership please refer these to your Data Protection Office or Dealer Principal.

Platform Updates – 17 May

Please see the following platform enhancements. If you have any feedback on the below or have ideas for improvements, please get in touch at dealerfeedback@ivendi.com

Support for Value Added Products


We’ve created a new option in the Settings area to enable you to set up value added products (VAPs) to use when stacking a deal. All users will be able to view the VAPs set up for your dealership, but as with finance products, you’ll only be able to make changes and create new VAPs if you’re an admin user. Our goal with the design was to give you control of your VAPs and to give you the flexibility to use the products in line with your dealership’s sales processes. For example, if you want to set up variants of FAP or warranty based on term, price or engine size, you can create multiple entries with unique names and product descriptions. Or if you prefer, you can create a simple entry with a default price to represent the VAP category in your quotes. If your dealership sells value added products, your admin user will need to set these up in the Settings area before you can add the products to your deals.


Value added products set up in the Settings area can be made visible for quoting. We’ve also built a feature which allows you to pre-load a deal with certain VAPs, if that’s how you’d usually stack a deal.

Changes for GDPR


In addition to your closed leads, you can now export reports of your finance application and car finance checks from within the platform. Due to the amount of personally identifiable information, these reports are only accessible to admin users, and you will need to acknowledge a reminder of your GDPR responsibilities prior to creating the report. Partial Application reports are no longer available, due to new GDPR restrictions.

Customer bank details

Customer bank details are one of the most sensitive pieces of personal identifiable information, so once you’ve entered them into an application form, they will be hidden from view. The details can be revealed again by selecting a button, which you can do in both the application form and the application summary.

Fair processing notices for lenders

When starting a new application for your customer, you’ll now see a fair (or ‘data’) processing notice, which describes how the lender will use the customer’s data. The text will be specific to the lender you’ve selected.

Other Changes

Outstanding Finance

If your customer has outstanding finance with MotoNovo, you can now use a lookup which will retrieve the exact settlement figure to use in your quotes and proposals to lenders. Also, when you retrieve the settlement amount for an existing customer contact, the amount will be saved on the customer page for future reference. However, once a quote’s expiry date has passed, the quote will disappear from the customer contact. We’ve also added a Total Deposit field in the Quote Details form, to make it easier for you to spot when the customer’s deposit, part exchange value and outstanding finance result in negative equity, before you generate the quotes.

VAT Margin and VAT Qualifying

The platform has always set whether or not a vehicle was VAT Qualifying, however it was done behind the scenes so you couldn’t see this. We’ve now made this information visible on screen. You’ll notice that the VAT fields will only appear if the vehicle is set as VAT Qualifying. You can override the automatic setting, except if the vehicle is new, as it will always be VAT Qualifying.

Nexus 2 Screen

When you log in to Nexus 2, you will be prompted to read the following screen.