seventh open letter to our dealers

why MotoNovo is the team to lead the fight-back


This January, will hit TV screens, radio waves, billboards, and much more across the country, as we launch our fantastic, feel-good campaign via:

  • Satellite and terrestrial TV
  • Radio
  • Online advertising
  • Outdoor advertising
  • SEO
  • Public relations

With our media spend, imaginative advert, and infectious jingle, we are confident that will make its way into every home in the UK. But, in truth, our mission to change the online car advertising landscape can only happen with the support of dealers. The key to the success of this revolution is your stock, and your decision on where to advertise it.

An example of the untapped power of dealers was made clear last year, when the market-leading classified provider lost just 2% of its dealers. The business media, investment analysts and investors all sat up and took notice, showing that the power lies with you.

Surely, this level of influence should allow you the option to choose a service that has been built around your needs. In this respect,

  • Has been developed to give you an alternative platform that harnesses the often-marginalised power of dealers;
  • Provides a positive, affordable option, that endorses the positives of car buying through dealers;
  • Promotes quality dealers, quality cars, and quality finance, with a buying journey that has a clear message and encourages customers to review their experience.
  • will challenge not just the current competitors, but also the wider misconceptions about car retailing;
feel good car buying and selling is our key proposition

One thing I do know is that we have already shaken up the market. The leading online car classified provider has already reacted to, launching a multi-million pound advertising campaign, and introducing a ‘monthly payment’ search function – despite the fact that only a small portion of their stock is eligible for finance. Over recent years their marketing spend to promote dealer stock has declined from 6.4% of revenue in 2014 to 4.8% in the first half of 2017; next year it is forecast to rise to 5.3%;

We also note that:

  • Their revenues from dealers have consistently been inflation busting. In the first half of 2017 they rose to an average of £1,674 per month, up 9.7% over the year and up over 53% since 2013;
  • At the same time their advertising views fell 2.5%.
  • We will never take dealers for granted, and all fees charged to you will be put back into advertising

When you break new ground, success relies on your ability to be agile, which means that reacting to dealer feedback will be key going forwards. We will develop, refine and invest in the brand and service model continuously.

This is a reflection of our long-term commitment to make a success for us all.

join us and join the revolution –

Best Wishes

Mark Standish
Group CEO

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