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sixth open letter to our dealers

why MotoNovo is the team to lead the fight-back

As we draw closer to the media launch of our ground-breaking platform in January, I wanted to share with you why I believe so passionately that this initiative is the right thing for motor dealers – and why MotoNovo Finance is so well suited to lead such a bold and ambitious change

Over the last decade we have made many outstanding achievements:
  • Grown our market share from under 2% to over 20% – something we couldn’t have accomplished without our dealers;
  • Proven our ability to transform and disrupt an established finance market dominated by iconic brands;
  • Taken MotoNovo Finance from a new brand to a multi-award winning market leader;
  • Innovated continuously, bringing dealers new technology to make finance faster and more accessible;
  • Helped dealers to adapt to new regulation.
Where others see challenges, we have always seen opportunities...

Our industry needs to evolve, or the role of the dealer could become increasingly marginalised. MotoNovo Finance is the business that can help dealers adapt to this change. Our approach to car sales aggregation is based upon three truths:

  1. A car sales aggregation business is nothing without dealer stock;
  2. All the power rests with dealers – without their stock there is no aggregator;
  3. This power needs to be realised by current aggregators and dealers alike.

Together we can lead the revolution needed for this increasingly dynamic marketplace. By working in a co-operative spirit and harnessing dealers’ power, the dealer industry itself can create its own, better, future

We need your support – the success of will only be limited by the capacity of dealers
to support it. MotoNovo Finance has already proved it is a catalyst for positive change; join us and be a part
of the feel good car buying and selling revolution.

Best Wishes

Mark Standish
Group CEO

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fifth open letter to dealers

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Has MotoNovo Finance teamed up with CarFinance 247? The answer is simple. No. No we haven't. You may have noticed that CarFinance 247 are very cleverly using the words "find and fund my car" in pay per click (PPC) advertising and for search engine optimisation (SEO),...

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fourth open letter to our dealers

fourth open letter to our dealers a joint letter from IMDA Chairman Jim Reid and MotoNovo Finance Group CEO Mark Standish the Independent Motor Dealers Association (IMDA) – created by independent dealers to represent and give a voice to UK independent motor dealers...

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November press

November press release In November was not only sponsoring the ARN event but we had a belly band on Motor Trader and double page centre spread!

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Phil Morgan interview in Motor Trader gears up for January launch's, Phil Morgan, was recently interviewed by MotorTrader Orginially posted by John Kirwan, MotoNovo is pushing ahead with plans for its new website, which is due...

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third open letter to our dealers

third open letter to our dealers by dealers, for dealers From the very outset, the success of dealers has been the driving force behind Creating a fresh, used car aggregation service that is different to anything else out there and offers dealers...

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findandfundmycar is what we have been waiting for; a co-operative platform for dealers which will break the negative cycle of aggregators & online finance brokers, giving a raw deal to both customers & dealers. This will also help us reach more customers & consequently sell more units & increase our finance penetration

Steve Drewery – Just Audi VW

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