Has MotoNovo Finance teamed up with CarFinance 247?

The answer is simple. No. No we haven’t.

You may have noticed that CarFinance 247 are very cleverly using the words “find and fund my car” in pay per click (PPC) advertising and for search engine optimisation (SEO), so they are appearing on the Google search results page right along with us.

We want to make sure all of our dealers know that we have not teamed up with them. We have discussed at length our belief that online brokers, direct lenders, insurance aggregators and most car buying websites are increasingly excluding the dealer from the buying journey. This model is completely against what we are trying to achieve with findandfundmycar.com.

We have of course trademarked “findandfundmycar.com”, but unfortunately we cannot trademark the words “find and fund my car” for a few reasons:

  • The words are descriptive of the service we are going to offer, and
  • they have ordinary meaning in English and should be available for all to use.

The Google results page will change once findandfundmycar.com goes live, as our own SEO will kick-in and we’ll be bidding on PPC to push findandfundmycar.com to the top of the page.

Whilst it is frustrating that CarFinance 247 are using “find and fund my car” on their website and in their marketing messages, we believe is just goes to show what a threat they find our fantastic game-changing platform.

We are aiming to create a fairer environment, one where the dealers earns their finance income, and the customer gets a great deal on their dream car at a clear and competitive rate.


There is only one findandfundmycar.com which you will want to be a part of and it is the future of feel good car buying and selling. 


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